Powys War Memorials Project linked with the Welsh Baccalaureate

26th January 2018

Welsh Baccalaureate students can now undertake three Community Challenges as part of the Powys War Memorials Project. The three Community Challenges are:

1. Key Stage 4 National / Foundation Community Challenge
Neighbourhood Enhancement

As an Individual or a member of a team (3 –6 members) you must identify World War 1 memorials in the local community. You will plan, organise and carry out 10 hours actively helping to improve the war memorials, ensuring that they are appealing and safe for the community. You will also help to improve war memorial settings and surroundings, such as garden areas, fences, gates and railings. 

2. Advanced Community Challenge World War 1 events and activities

You will help over a period of at least 3 months. This will involve you and / or your team planning, organising, carrying out and evaluating a varied programme of appropriate World War 1 events and activities. This Challenge would be particularly suitable for students considering a course or career in geography, history, heritage or the travel and tourism sector. 

3. Advanced Community Challenge World War 1 walks and trails

The Powys War Memorials Project is inviting you to help produce the World War 1 walks and trails. Producing a World War 1 walk or trail will enable you to help others to develop their knowledge and understanding of World War 1. You must actively engage and demonstrate commitment over a minimum of 30 hours and at least 4 weeks to develop the World War 1 walk or trail.

Please visit the WJEC website for more information about the Community Challenges.